From the middle of the map, more specifically Sioux City, is the performing artist kown as Macomb Marshal.

Ever since she was a child Macomb was drawn to music. Although she never lacked the passion to listen and form unique and distinctive songs, creating music was something that never came easy on her own. It wasn’t until she stepped back and let God lead her way that she started to really develop her craft. It was a gift. It was a cathartic way to express her feelings and ideas. Even though she had an early start in music she only started to share her talent with others in middle school.

The artist never studying music, has self taught herself everything she knows. Her inspiring mentors also gave her valuable insight into songwriting, composition, and performing. For Macomb, music is about connecting with her audience from all around the world.

In her career, the artist is open to a diverse range of genres, musicians, and styles. However, she generally gravitates towards R&B and Hip-Hop. Macomb Marshal is currently influenced by the likes of Russ, Chris Brown, and Post Malone, to mention but a few iconic artists. On top of this, Macomb is always inspired and connected to God. She always opens herself so she can be guided by the words of the Gospel in her music and private life.

At the moment, Macomb is represented by Blvck Hoodie, a Hip-Hop & R&B label with its roots in the Midwest. You can catch Macomb regularly performing the local circuit in Sioux City. Recently, she opened for Snow The Product in a packed club venue.

Macomb is always developing and honing her craft. Creating music is one of her purposes and passions in life. Her goal is to simply connect with people on a deeper level through the power of music.